Save 30% with Hammers Chat Patreon!

by Geo Mackie on August 25, 2022


Hammers Chat patreon is a subscribption based service for those who enjoy our videos on YouTube to receive additional content whilst supporting the channel!

As well as additional content such as our player ratings series, our patron's can enjoy a handful of perks which includes saving at our online store on every single order.....not just your first order or wait for a code to be emailed to you occasionally, we give our patron's a discount on every single order they make!

Our supporters receive 10% off EVERYTHING whilst our 'Mild Addicts' can save 20% meanwhile our 'Addicts' get to grab a discount of 30% off everything, every time (as well as the occasional free item which has included a player ratings notebook and 'West Ham are massive' mug)

You can find more details about our patreon offering by clicking here and as soon as you join up - you can watch MORE Hammers Chat videos and start saving at our online store immediately!